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Mix Berry Flavor - Extra Strength

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High Not
Looking To Reset Your Tolerance?
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Ari C.

Just arrived! Neat looking bottle! Thank you!

Sandy Lee

As a host to friends who enjoy cannabis, High-Not has become our little insurance policy. It offers peace of mind and ensures a more controlled and enjoyable experience for everyone. It's a game-changer for social gatherings.


HighNot is a genius solution for anyone who wants to be more intentional with cannabis. It's like having an insurance policy for a worry free high.

Julia Alame
Wow! This actually works.

I decided to give it a try and wow I was not disappointed! It actually works and tastes amazing. I will be definitely buying the pack next so I can try all the flavors!

Rayan Aouad
It actually works

I was skeptical at first but I tried and damn it, it actually works. I felt it within minutes.

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