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Cherry Flavor - Regular Strength

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High Not
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Kenny G.

Excellent taste!


High-Not's unique terpene formulation has given me a more controlled and enjoyable cannabis experience. Its effectiveness in alleviating the intensity of the high, whether from smoking, gummies, or edibles, has made it an essential companion for my cannabis journey.


HighNot is a game-changer for anyone who wants to personalize their cannabis experience. It's not just about getting high; it's about feeling in control and comfortable every time.

An Instant “weed-hang” Cure!

I absolutely love these! I am pretty sensitive to THC and one day 5mg’s feels great and the next time I take it, I feel way too high. I love having these on hand to help reduce the effects in the moment as well as the weed hangover the next day when I need to get up and moving. I always keep a couple in my nightstand. Highly recommend!!

Andrew Rodriguez
The new stoner kit essential!

High not needs to be in every stoners toolkit, there’s no telling when you might be a little too elevated from a brownie, or when you have the flower smoker over your house to have a dab for the first time, high not is essential, it brings you back to earth within minutes and has the terpenes to counter act the feeling of being too high. The new must have!

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