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4 Count - Starter Pack

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High Not
Looking To Reset Your Tolerance?
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Nicole F.

After experiencing an uncomfortable high from an edible, High-Not was a lifesaver. It quickly alleviated the intensity, becoming my go-to for unexpected highs. Its convenience makes it a must-have for any cannabis user.

Avery Mitchell

I've always been cautious with cannabis due to unpredictable highs. HighNot has given me the confidence to explore different products and methods.

Joel Grabois
A Lifesaver for Cannabis Emergencies!

High-Not is a game-changer! I love the variety pack with Orange, Cherry, Tropical, and Berry flavors. Pharmacist-formulated for rapid relief, it's my go-to for easing a negative cannabis experience. Simple, recognizable ingredients, easy to take – a must-try solution! Thanks for making recovery enjoyable! :)

Love the thoughtful selection of ingredients

Wow! Someone that has finally made the effort to come up with an age old problem--love it! Thanks for making them so easy to take with the variety of flavors and with great and simple ingredients that I recognize. Glad I was able to try all the flavors in this great variety pack.

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