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Orange Flavor - Regular Strength

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High Not
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John H.
Def. a must have around the house

It does not taste like orange juice (not bad but I felt more tangerine in there). Anyhow, I recommend having one around the house the whole time. works in min.

Marvin H.

This drink works! Wow!

This thing actually works!

Felt so much better after 15 minutes. Ate a gummy and it kicked in too late and really helped me come down from my high.

Hsieh WeiChe

High-Not's unique terpene formulation has given me a more controlled and enjoyable cannabis experience. Its effectiveness in alleviating the intensity of the high, whether from smoking, gummies, or edibles, has made it an essential companion for my cannabis journey.

Morgan Cole

HighNot has made me more adventurous with cannabis. I used to stick to what I knew, but now I feel confident trying new products and methods, knowing I have HighNot to back me up.

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